Kindful Kids & Playgroup

 Mindfulness for Children

Mindfulness is suitable for anyone of any age. Creative Mindfulness for children reminds children to love themselves, helps to understand feelings through story, art and child friendly mindfulness techniques.

Mindfulness can help children to relax and take time out of their busy schedules. Most importantly creative mindfulness promote's children's positive mental health and well-being.

Through our creative mindfulness programme 'Kindful Kids' provides children with the tools to enjoy being themselves, to deal with emotions through creativity. Providing a multi sensory approach to incorporate mindfulness with fun and interesting age appropriate materials to help them connect with their feelings.

At the end of the programme students get to take home their creations. The "Kindful Kids" includes all the lovely creations they make during the classes.

Mindfulness has the ability to increase confidence, self-awareness and well-being. Practicing mindfulness through creativity really helps children to connect with their feelings in a way they can understand and enjoy.

Through my training this course is inspired by my tutor, child psychologist Louise Shanagher. Louise has taught students all over Ireland and has written many books on mindfulness for children. The curriculum we use is called the mindful heart curriculum. This course is recognised internationally and is based on scientific research.

                                                                   Pre-school & Junior Schools now open
After school programme for Pre-school & Junior Infants-2nd Class now available for Primary Schools. ( 6 week term)
I have my own insurance, child protection, first aid & relevant childcare and certified mindfulness qualifications.
                                                        Home Mindfulness Kits available to order
Kindful Kids Mini Mindfulness home kits(Gift you child with their own mindfulness kit to use at home, create, breathe and play, includes free pre-recorded class)
Certified Practitioner
The Mindful Heart Curriculum